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This is our most popular signature program. You will get a 360-degree experience of the Laughter Wellness method. Discover a refreshing and reliable approach to conscious optimism that is as much about learning how to face and navigate the complexity and challenges of life as it is about learning how to facilitate Laughter Wellness experiences with the general public.

This training is a deep dive into the Laughter Wellness method. We’ll take everything you learned there to a deeper level with the intention of strengthening your facilitation expertise and building up your confidence level in teaching Laughter Wellness. You will learn a wealth of useful techniques, as well as tips and tricks for all stages of your laughter programs or interventions. Designed to set you up for success from the start!

This training is for aspiring Laughter Wellness professionals, past Laughter Wellness graduates looking for a refresher, or any professional interested in enriching their knowledge and skillset with a refreshing, reliable, and fun solution in the areas of wellness and well-being, change, stress management, communication, collaboration, engagement, and leadership.

Become an expert at facilitating Laughter Wellness experiences, as well as offer the Laughter Wellness Immersion and Laughter Wellness Facilitator trainings. A payment plan is available. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learn how to successfully integrate Laughter Wellness into your life and work, and know how to confidently facilitate a variety of programs, workshops, and trainings for your target audience. This is a 2-year program under the direct mentorship of Sebastian Gendry, creator of Laughter Wellness.