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HA! Laughter Workout


HA! is 70 minutes of spontaneous laughter. It’s an easy-to-follow power source of laughter. Pick your favorite track: whether it’s the solo, duo, trio, or opera, you will find something to soothe your soul. Laugh at home, in the car, in the workplace—almost anywhere.

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97 videos and audio recordings from leading laughter experts discussing and explaining how to use laughter as an exercise and healing modality with a variety of publics. Get a 1-month, 1-year, or lifetime unlimited access!


This is the ultimate guide to intentional laughter exercises that has been fueling the creativity of 100s of community laughter clubs worldwide for over a decade, now in its third edition.

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Laughtercise 4-Week Package


Sad? Stressed? Stuck? Discover first-hand the healing- and wellness-promoting effect of laughter!

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Laughter Coaching

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Give yourself the gift of positive feelings. Achieve greater balance in your life. Get through tough transitions. Move past failures that are making you think negatively.

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Grief Coaching

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Are you ready to integrate your grief? Integrating grief can balance our emotional world and re-inspire hope.

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Laughter Professionals For Hire

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We have a worldwide network of laughter professionals, from junior to senior level, experts in wellness and wellbeing in a variety of fields.